buku <3

2021-08-21 cli qs using

Ruined my plans to make my own link tracking systems in the best way possible.

Base buku is great (like calling buku --ai and getting all your browser bookmarks!), but there are things I've added so far to make it even better, stored in this repo tldr:

  1. Keep track of time added
  2. Rofi menu for opening/editing/deleting (made by carnager)
  3. Newsboat integration

My boku db now powers the links shared on this site! I add a share tag when it's something I want displayed here, and use the time_added field to sort them.

Zola + buku is a great combo thanks to tags. Not only can you see everything related to, for example, cli (be it a link, a post, etc), but each tag has its own automatically generated RSS feed. For example, a feed for cli is at /tags/cli/feed.xml.