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Good threads on some esoteric things LLMs are able to do

2023-07-14 ai llm gpt4

Great thread: what is ignored or neglected by the media, but will be studied by historians, some highlights: the rise of negative media, Norway is so rich,the video game industry is bigger than you think


Open dataset of 10 million 3D objects, and a new AI model for 3D tasks (generation, etc)

2023-07-14 3d ai

Elon Musk launched x.ai, here is a summary of the launch event

2023-07-13 ai elon

Good article on how to improve your creative output

2023-07-13 creativity

Cute video about hexagonal chess, if you like it a good followup is Hexagons are the Bestagons

2023-07-11 chess

Interesting book, How to invent everything: a survival guide for the stranded time traveller

2023-07-10 book technology science

Interesting video on why North is up on maps. This is a good companion blog post: maps distort how we see the world

AI-powered drones picking food off trees

2023-07-09 robotics ai agriculture

This huge farm vehicle uses AI and lasers to kill weeds

2023-07-08 agriculture ai

All ChatGPT Plus subscribers are getting access to Code Interpreter, here is a good thread showcasing its capabilities

2023-07-07 ai chatgpt llm programming

DNA used to store pictures, 96pixel resolution for now

2023-07-06 dna biology

Openai says that while it may seem far off, superintelligence could arrive this decade

2023-07-06 singularity ai openai

Interesting thread about global food imports/exports

2023-07-04 agriculture trade

World's 1st 'tooth regrowth' medicine moves toward clinical trials in Japan

2023-07-04 medicine

Whole brain connectome of a fruitfly was released

2023-07-02 brain neuroscience bci

Good argument against recursive self improvement in AIs without needing to interact with the world (and thus bottlenecking the speed)

2023-07-01 ai rl singularity

How to sell a Rolls Royce

2023-06-11 marketing
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