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ChatGPT placed in the top 1% for original creative thinking in university of Montana research

2023-07-30 ai llm chatgpt

Cool bot that tweets the top trending GitHub repos of the day and week

2023-07-27 github foss programming

Rewind AI launches iPhone app a

2023-07-27 ai aia

A room temperature superconductor might have been discovered? Here is a nice timeline of the paper's authors journeys, here is an explanation of what superconductors are and what room temperature ones would mean for the world

2023-07-26 physics

How Scientists Are Using AI to Talk to Animals

2023-07-25 ai animals

Tim Ferriss' list of favourite documentaries

2023-07-25 tferriss documentaries

Wechat map tells users whether they are within a 500-meter radius of someone, whose social credit scores are so low that they are being blacklisted.

2023-07-25 china surveillance

Qualcomm is working with Meta on on-device AI apps with llama2 co

2023-07-23 meta ai metaco llama

The past is not true by Derek Sivers

2023-07-21 memory

The golden like, an interesting idea to stop social media optimising for "microwave meal" quality content

2023-07-20 socmed

'AI is good for you', book by Eric Jang (ex-DeepMind), about the last and next 10 years of AI

2023-07-18 ai book

Meta releases llama-v2, this time also available for commercial use

2023-07-18 ai llm llama metaco

SoundStorm by Google Research, an incredible AI model for generating speech and dialogue a

2023-07-18 ai google aia ai

The broken economics of the oceans, a somber broad look at several tragedies of the commons happening in the oceans

2023-07-17 cc oceans toc econ

Entropy levels of 100 cities by street orientation, beautiful visualisation

2023-07-16 cities visualisation

How to Use AI to Do Stuff: An Opinionated Guide

2023-07-16 ai guide tools

Aliens are here confirmation coming? US House hearing on UFOs scheduled for July 26th, UAP disclosure act of 2023

2023-07-15 aliens uap

AI not only heralds the future, but also helps us better understand our past. Here AI is used to instantly translate 5000 year old Akkadian tablets, a very labor intensive task for which few experts exist. Also relevant is the Vesuvius Challenge, trying to read scrolls carbonised by a volcano eruption

2023-07-14 ai history

Coating 1-2% of Earth's surface with white paint would stop climate change?

2023-07-14 cc

Good thread on some esoteric things LLMs are able to do

2023-07-14 ai llm gpt4
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